Thorny Issue

I found a patch of horsenettles during a late summer walk where I photographed this flower. It was about 1″ across. The Carolina Horsenettle Solanum carolinense is not really a nettle but a member of the nightshade family as is tomato. It does have thorns on the stem and under leaves. It is toxic. Quoting Wikipedia:

All parts of the plant, including its tomato-like fruit, are poisonous to varying degrees due to the presence of solanine glycoalkaloids which is a toxic alkaloid and one of the plant’s natural defenses. While ingesting any part of the plant can cause fever, headache, scratchy throat, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, ingesting the fruit can cause abdominal pain, circulatory and respiratory depression, or even death.

It seemed a good candidate to draw. The lighting emphasized texture and shading challenges.