Celtic Knot | Four Versions

Tried my hand at a more complicated form. It is amazing how knotted one cord can be. Choose some starting point and trace the cord. You always turn the same direction and return to the same place.

Graphite pencil

Pastel chalks were used for the green and brown.

Photoshop Elements was used to change the color of the brown chalk to blue.

And lastly, this one.

2 thoughts on “Celtic Knot | Four Versions

  1. I actually like the first version the best, but I think it’s because it seems closest to the ropework I see on boats. If I were to color it, I’d probably go for neutral, rope-like shades: brown and beige. It reminds me of the mats that show up here and there on traditional boats; large ones sometimes are used at the helm, to provide better footing for the person steering.

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